About our School

In March 2017 St. Bartholomew’s joined Severn Academies Educational Trust (SAET), a local multi-academy trust.  

As a member of SAET the children and staff in our school benefit greatly from being within a cohesive ‘family’ that offers all children enhanced learning opportunities.

Co-founding schools within the SAET are: Hartlebury CE Primary School, Wilden All Saints,

St. Bartholomew’s CE Primary School, Stourport Primary Academy and Stourport High School and VIth Form College.

Additional schools within SAET include Wolverley Sebright Primary Academy and Baxter College.


Vision & Ethos

At St Bartholomew’s we aim to provide a rich learning environment where children are given the very best opportunities. We work to be inclusive ensuring all children feel safe, happy, able to learn, succeed and accept others. We work as a team with parents and other agencies to make a difference for all ‘our children’. By following Christian values we nurture and care for the children ensuring we listen to them, build their self esteem and teach them skills to prepare them for life. Together we help them grow in the knowledge that God is love, help them reach their potential, fulfil their ambitions and broaden their horizons.

Click here to read The St. Bart's Way Vison Statement


We have distinctive Christian values that inform everything we do:









The school is fortunate to have ample space and very good facilities.

We have a variety outdoor learning environments, play areas and extensive playing fields, environmental gardens, Forest School and a wildlife pond.

There is a fully equipped ICT suite, interactive whiteboards in every class and laptops for personalised learning. 


Worship (assembly) is a time when children and staff come together to celebrate 'our' Christian distinctiveness.  Children, along with staff and visitors lead worship where there is a half termly focus on one of the schools selected Christian values.  Important rituals are followed including lighting candles, reading prayers and singing hymns and even the very youngest children recognise the time they are with the school community as a very special time.  While stories from the bible are the main feature of 'our' worship, stories from other faiths are also shared with the children.  The children's spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is enhanced by the experiences they have is school worship and they are taken on a journey where they learn of god’s love.