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Super Sports at St Bart's

 St. Bartholomew's we encourage every child to take part in our inclusive Sports provision and we pride ourselves to 'Do our best and have a go'.

We follow our school values and the school sports values which coincide to make us the best sporting personalities in town! Our priority is to enjoy sport and challenge ourselves.;

This year sees the beginning of lots of exciting new projects like 'Run a Marathon' and new after-school clubs, this will be more exciting and innovative . The School Sports Organising Crew (SSOC) has been selected and they will be asked to organise and lead intra competitions within school. A weekly meeting will take place and intra competitions will be decided upon based on the requests and skills of individuals and classes across the whole school.

News of new and up-coming events are on the Sports / PE noticeboard in the Year 3/6 corridor - please have a look. Any questions please see your Sports Crew Leaders who are:

Lacie Lewis                             Hayden James

Harley Matthews                     Alisha Jenkins

Connor Farley                         Joshua Jackson

Jade Evans                              Keylan Evans 


What an excellent Friday afternoon, 58 children from Years 4 to 6 competed with other schools to qualify for the Cross Country Run at St. Anne's Bewdley in November. Those children who have been selected are: 

                          Year 5 Girls                                         Year 5 Boys

Lacie Lewis (2nd)                               Marcus Harrison

Jasmine Watts                                    Hayden James

Jade Evans                                          Alex Lees

Ellie Percy                                            Jayden Lewis

Sophie Leigh Smith                             Connor Farley

Year 6 Girls                                         Year 6 Boys

Amelia Shannon                                  Nathan Harrison

Suzzie-ann Janes                                Samuel Bates

Ema Ivancova                                      Danny Pratt-Lees

Erin Smith                                            Kristian Bryant

Cerys Jones                                         Charlie Price


Thank you to all the parents who walked down with us and came

and supported all our children.

St Bartholomew's Primary School year 5 / 6 Football Team October 2017